Marina Diamantidi

Marina Diamantidi

Various Random Designs

Animation story board, inspired by the book of Jonathan Saran Foer “Extremely loud & incredibly close”

Sketches form a play of “Macbeth” by the National Theatre of North in Greece (top) and a photo shoot line up from my “Suddenly last summer” project (bottom)

Collection from fabric samples, pattern notes and outfit sketches I wanted to make through the years

Textile and costume design

Textile and costume designs and a miniature scaled costume sculpture. Inspiration was drawn form Sonia Delaunay’s work and costumes.

Floral and plant illustration and painting

Animal studies and illustrations

Observational drawing and sketches from various notebooks

A collection of work starting before my studies at LIPA and carries out to the correct days. Small projects, drawings and sketches from various random places I keep notes.

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