Marina Diamantidi

Marina Diamantidi

Red and Black

The Spanish Civil War inspired art like no other, leaving a powerful legacy of poetry, painting, music and film. Red and Black vividly depicts how Liverpool responded.
This ambitious production features over 100 dancers, actors, musicians, community drama performers and facilitators, who took the audience out on to the streets to tell this moving account of Liverpool’s history.

Director: Alan Lane, Artistic director of Slung Low
Costume and Set Designer: Sascha Gilmour, Ria Mathews, Heidi Ng, Saskia Grace Dammers
AV Designer: Marina Diamantidi and Ellie Light
Design Assistants: Marina Diamantidi, Rachel Noonan and Ellie Light

  • Role Design Assistand and AV Designer

  • Date 21- 26 May 2018

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