Marina Diamantidi

Marina Diamantidi


Hypothetical Design From Text

Writer: Sarah Kane
Director: Nick Bagnall
Designer: Marina Diamantidi
Venue: Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Blasted is about many things, such as war, gender issues, and dysfunctional society. It is a study on the human instinct for inhumanity. The characters behavior goes form bad to worst!

This play has been described as “a disgusting feast of filth”. It is too shocking, graphic and intense for almost anybody to sit and watch. My aim was to design something that won’t create more tension and leave Sarah Kane’s play do that.

I focused on a Japanese architecture style because of their importance to simplicity (emphasis to text), beauty and calmness (contrasted with the world of the play) and naturalism (they are in a room with no walls to protect them from the outside elements)

  • Role Set and Costume Designer

  • Date June 2019

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