Marina Diamantidi

Marina Diamantidi

Miracle on 34th Street: the Musical

Assistant Designer & Associate Designer of Toy Ballet

Conjure up the perfect Christmas. Think of tinsel and tingles, whispers and wishes, those thrilling hours when childhood dreams take flight. Now imagine if Christmas was all common sense. No whispers, no secrets. Just cold hard facts wrapped in paper destined for the bin.
That’s Christmas for sensible six-year-old Susan and her mother. Until an old bearded gentleman turns their rational world – and the city’s cut-throat commercial spirit – upside down.

Director: Gemma Bodynetz
Choreographer: Tom Jackson Greaves
Costume and Set Designer: Olivia Du Monceau
Lighting Designer: Paul Keogan
Assistant Designer: Marina Diamantidi

  • Role Assistant Designer and Associate Designer of Toy Ballet

  • Date 7 Dec 2019 – 4 Jan 2020

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